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Jeep Xdyner Sample Model

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Classic Cars Collection


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Welcome to 3D Model Designer Showroom!

The Xdyne Showroom Collection contains cars 3D models, recreated from examples found in museums, periodicals, and special literature, which were carefully examined to assure absolute authentic replication. Our accomplished artists have painstakingly created every minute detail, inside and out, and produced 3D models that surpass any other on the market. You won't want to miss the brilliant colors, authentic details and breathtaking 3D quality!

We selected specific cars, which were noticeable landmarks in automobile history and each has it's own point of interest. You will see the first automobile ever made in the world, "The Benz" built in 1886. There is a range of cars representing technical innovation, such as "The Austin Mini". Representing a whole new family of cars, is the forerunner of the utility vehicle, "The Willis Jeep". There are so called long livers, which were in production for many years represented by the "Model T Ford". Many of the automobiles in our collection are technical masterpieces of their own time like the "Mercedes Benz 300 SL" and the "Lamborghini Countach". And of course no collection is complete without an exotic or curious model that becomes a dead end production line such as, "The Bugatti Royal". Our set of 3D models covers all automotive compositional concepts that are known in the automobile design world.

We have created a special sample vehicle, "Jeep Xdyner" drawn completely from our imagination by taking different parts from our collection. By artistically altering and combining them, we have inventively made this unique sample model for you to thoroughly examine. It will will let you see our approach to quality presentation and typical structure of car modeling. Why not download our free "Jeep Xdyner" sample car to see for yourself what real quality 3D drawings should look like?

All models are available for purchase and download online. Click an item in the list on the left to get to know more about each model.

Jeep Xdyner Sample Model
Date Size Downloads Price
2/06/04 2503K 62946 free
Objects Faces Materials Format
10 151 844 70 3DS
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