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Great News!

Now using our Virtual Greeting Card Service you can send out your free greeting cards together with amazing gift-wrapped Xdyne games attached!

Mind Games

Click here for details before you start create your virtual card.

Step 1
Select your card greeting.
(Click a picture to view it in full size)


We invite you to visit our
3D Model Designer Showroom.
Download a our free imaginery 3D sample model, "Jeep Xdyner", created especially for you. Look it over and encounter genuine quality. 20 perfect car 3D models
are available for online purchase and download.

3D Model Designer Showroom

Step 2
Select your greeting card picture.
(Click a picture to view it in full size)


Step 3
Type in your message.
(No HTML tags; Try to fit your message within a window without scrolling it.)


Step 4
Fill in recipient's first and last name, and e-mail address.
(All of these are required for game registration and e-mailing purposes)

Recipient's first name:
Recipient's last name:
Recipient's e-mail address:


Step 5
Fill in your first and last name, and e-mail address.
(If you want to attach one or more games from the list below to your card, please type the first and last name exactly as you did when registering your game(s)).

Sender's first name:
Sender's last name:
Sender's e-mail address:

If you want to purchase any game from this list and attach it to your greeting card, just click the "Register" button for this game to get your registration key online.

From now you can use this registration key to send your game to anyone and everyone on your Gift List for free!

You can send trial version of the game without purchasing it as well.

Check the game of your choice. Type in the registration key in the box provided if you want to send full version, OR leave this field blank if you'd like to attach free trial version.

Go to Our Shareware page to download the game you purchased at any time.

Click here to go back to the top of this page & start creating your greeting card.

Step 6
Check game(s) you'd like to attach to your greeting card.
Type in your registration key(s) to send the full version,
or leave the field blank, if you'd like to send trial version.

(This step is optional, you can send your card
without attaching any game as well).

  Game title: Registration key (optional):      
Battle of Words [About] [Download] [Register]
Cross Image [About] [Download] [Register]
Cross Numbers [About] [Download] [Register]
Smart CyberFly [About] [Download] [Register]
HEXaGEM [About] [Download] [Register]
HoneyComb [About] [Download] [Register]
Lagoon [About] [Download] [Register]
Noodle [About] [Download] [Register]
Nut Cracker [About] [Download] [Register]
Time Jumper [About] [Download] [Register]
Word Pileon [About] [Download] [Register]
Xdyne's Cube [About] [Download] [Register]
Xdyne's Rollout [About] [Download] [Register]


Step 7
Take a look at your postcard, make final changes if needed, and send it out!

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