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* Add-On Library 1
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2/06/04 113K 8599 $4.95
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Add 100 new images to your current collection of Cross Image puzzles ! We've included various stuff into this add-on library. All images are divided into 17 categories from animals to utensil and sidearms, and 3 complexity levels.

Download library executable file from our site and run it. After simple registration procedure new images will be automatically added to your Cross Image directory.
Run Cross Image and open "Select Game" dialog box. You can select new image either by its number (it is in the range #0101 - #0200) or by its version (we've assigned version #2 to all images within this library).

We hope you'll enjoy this collection. Have fun, ... and don't forget to come back to us again ! More exciting add-ons are coming up.

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