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Here is the ultimate challenge for the genuine puzzle connoisseur!

Xdyne's Rollout 1.0
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2/06/04 3037K 13368 $19.95
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Remember the puzzle that had square tabs numbered 1-15 inside a 4x4 square? The idea was to shift the tabs around until you had them arranged in numerical order. Well, that game was just an appetizer for this new mind bending experience.

Our Game Wizards took that concept and created a 3x3 cube made up of 27 square bricks. They cut the cube at its edges and laid all of the surfaces flat so that there is a game board with six sides and each side consists of 9 colored squares - sides of the bricks. There is a hollow space so you can move the bricks around. "Nothing to it!", you say. Hah! We're talking Game Wizards. You not only have to arrange the cube correctly but they also threw in a variety of specific patterns for you to put in proper order!

Win this challenge and you get a stunning surprise. You deserve it!

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