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Xdynians introduce a Lottery!

To show our appreciation to all of you Xdyne Gamers, who have purchased one of our games we are going to give away several of Xdyne's mind games in a monthly Lottery.

All of your entries will be sealed into an Xdyne Cyber-bubble where they can freely swirl around. Several blindfolded Xdynians, attached to Cyber-hooks, will be sent in to pick the lucky winners. We will be repeating this exciting event each and every month. All participants will be notified by email about each next drawing so they could check if they are in Xdyne Winner's List.

May 2004 drawing Winner's List

Game title Lucky number
Battle of Words 11270241
Cross Image 01022048
Cross Numbers 05162339
Smart CyberFly 11012302
HEXaGEM 10281213
HoneyComb 04142140
Lagoon 03080001
Noodle 02201917
Xdyne's Cube 10221344
Xdyne's Rollout 06031959
Word Pileon 03220552
Check if your lottery number is in this table.
See it there ? Then you are a lucky winner! Click the number to download your game and get your registration key online!

If not, don't be upset. The next drawing is coming up ! Why not to try again ? It is absolutely free !

And don't forget to check our constantly growing mind games collection. May be you missed something new ?

Mind Games

Enter today and see if an Xdynian picks you!

We will be giving away several Xdyne games to those who purchase a game and take the time to enter our Xdyne Lottery. Now that you have purchased one of our Xdyne mind games, take advantage of this golden opportunity. Fill in our simple questionarie below to become a player. Type in your first and last name exactly as you did when registering your game. Select game title from the list provided and type in your registration key for that game.
(Tip: forgot the way you entered your name or your registration key number ? No problem ! Just run your favourite game and open "About" window from "Help" menu. You'll find there all you need to complete the form.)
Oh, yes! Of course we need your e-mail address as well !

Fill in the questionarie to enter TODAY!

Lottery enrollment info:
First name:
Last name:
Registration key:
How did you get to know about this site ? (Select answer from the list below)
Surfing the Web.
  (specify the web site you came from, for example:
Searching the Web.
  (specify search engine /name or URL/ you used, i.e. Alta Vista, or, etc.)
Through a banner ad.
  (specify banner contents)
Received Xdyne Virtual Greeting Card.
Received Xdyne newsletter.
Got to it through Xdyne Game.
  (from game registartion screen, Lottery splash screen or Help menu web connection)
Newspaper or magazine ad.
  (specify newspaper or magazine)
Radio ad.
  (specify radio station)
Word of mouth.
How did you get your Xdyne game ? (Select answer from the list below)
Downloaded it from Xdyne Web site.
Downloaded it from other shareware site.
  (specify web site you downloaded it from, for example:
Received it as a gift sticked to Xdyne Virtual Greeting Card.
Installed it from a shareware CD-ROM.
  (specify CD-ROM title)
Additional info:
What is your age ?
What is your gender ?
What country do you live in ?
State (U.S. only):
Any questions/suggestions you may have regarding Xdyne shareware or other products/services, web site contents, etc.

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