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What world do you live in?

At the farthest edge of your reality, there is a place, an infinite world that transcends all functional thought and rational confinements. It is a world we often discover in our dreams, a place where magic and desire collide to form new possibilities and forge new realities. This is a virtual world, where everything is possible, and most likely probable, where reality is desire, and vision defines creation. This is the world of XDYNE, a place where thought is reshaped into virtually anything you can imagine.

That all sounds great, but what does that mean in the real world?!

Well, in today's world, people don't merely expect advanced technology, they demand it! More, faster, better! That's what people expect. Fully interactive environments, eye-piercing virtual animation, explosive 3-dimensional audio experiences, and personalized information services are no longer visions of tomorrow. They live, breathe, and exist today!

XDYNE doesn't just ride the wave of accepted mode of thought; rather we meld ideas and technology to create new and powerful applications that redefine the playing fields of thought. Our creations form products and services which challenge the imagination, startle the senses, and penetrate the mind. We are an International Company, specializing in the fields of:

Application & Software Development
Compression and Animation Technology
3D Modeling & Virtual Environments
Client/Server Internet/Intranet Solutions
Interactive Multimedia Information Systems
Database Design and Programming
Mathematical Modeling

As an international firm, we have interfaced with Foreign Governments & Military, Educational Organizations, and Private Industries throughout Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States.
Presently, our products are distributed in

New Zealand,
and the United States.

Never before in the history of humankind have you had at your fingertips such power, such reach, and such scope.

Reshaping Thought...

This is Our World!

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